Why improvisation works with kids

      Schools are increasingly aware of the impact childrens social-emotional well being has on their own academic learning and on the larger school community. Theater improvisation offers insight into how relationships can develop between people and encourages more effective interpersonal communication. Children can gain more empathy, learn impulse control, and new problem solving techniques.

Take Two Theater Workshops build pride and confidence

      Take Two Theater Workshops for Children build a sense of community because children can rely on each other. The children are scene partners, writers, and creators together. This can help a child who has not felt successful feel great pride in being part of this project. The hope is to build on this pride as individuals and within their school community, making it a safe and fun learning enviroment.

Every workshop includes warm-up exercises, scene work, and theater games that are geared for the specific age group. The workshop introduces the value of using drama to express feelings, playfully solve problems, and encourages children to challenge themselves and participate as fully as they feel comfortable. Team building and creating a sense of safety are integral parts of the process and draw on the strengths of the students to foster a sense of pride in what they can accomplish as a group.

Take Two Theater Workshops for Children
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